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The Official Cleaners was founded on April 18th of 2022 by Mr. Tou Yeng Pheng Yang. As a cleaning contractor, Mr. Tou had over 7 years of experience cleaning hotels, small offices and businesses, and warehouses. After working the night shift at the 4 Diamond Hilton Hotel and helping his uncle run his Coverall Cleaning Franchise, Tou had finally decided to start his own cleaning business. Using the knowledge he has gained through experience, Mr. Tou has created a unique and professional cleaning business that strongly believes in it's core values of serving its customers with Honesty, Integrity, and Responsibility. 

We, the Official Cleaners, are professionally trained to provide the janitorial services necessary to maintain and improve your business' sanitation. We understand the importance of quality cleanliness of your facility for you and your employees. Our company only uses high quality commercial cleaning supplies from well known companies such as Sysco and Keystone. We also have weekly strict quality checks to make sure our employees are meeting your standards in cleanliness. 

We believe the best kind of cleaners to have are the ones you do not have to think about. From our experience, we believe most cleaning services do a phenomenal job at cleaning, but they do not have enough incentives for their employees to continue to maintain a high quality cleaning standard for their customers. Based on B.F. Skinner's Behavioral Theory of Operant Conditioning, we have created a compensation plan of positive and negative reinforcements in order to reward our employees for providing and maintaining service to our customers' standards. If performance is as expected, they get a bonus at the end of the month and the customer is satisfied! If our employees underperformed for that month, they lose their bonus pay and the customer has the right to a 20% discount for that month's cleaning service (we believe you should never have to pay full price for poor service). I believe this set of positive and negative reinforcement will increase the likelihood of our Customers having the best quality cleaning services and our employees to WANT to WORK HARD! 

If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone, or social media!! 

If we ever have the honor of serving you, it would be our pleasure to place your testimonial on our website. Please feel free to reach out if you are satisfied with our service!

Tou Yeng Pheng Yang, CEO of the OFFICIAL CLEANERS LLC 

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